ELFBAR Receives 4 Awards at MIVAS 2022, Malaysia’s biggest Vape Expo

MIVAS 2022 ended with a BANG! The biggest vape expo in Malaysia which was held for 2 days from 26/3 – 27/3 was a huge success! Elf Bar who was the main sponsor for MIVAS had launched their latest and newest disposable in MIVAS! The crowd went crazy with the debut of the 4000 puff disposable! Elf Bar fans were there early in the morning to queue to see what the new product was. And the feedback we got was; “Wow, the flavoring is so DAMN good!”. Resellers and retailers all praised this newest disposable product by Elf Bar, saying it will go viral very soon!

For vapers in Malaysia, everyone had known that Elf Bar is the current market leader in disposable category! There is a saying which goes around: If you haven’t tried Elf Bar yet, don’t call yourself a vaper!’. And this is the truth, Elf Bar had managed to capture the Malaysia’s vapers interest through the high flavoring profile and the unique design.

As the main sponsor for MIVAS, Elf Bar was located in the middle of the exhibition hall, right in front of the stage. Having the biggest booth among all exhibitors, many activities were conducted during these 2 days including spinning lucky draw wheel upon every purchase and giveaway session hosted by Vape New Malaysia team. Within the 2 days, Elf Bar had managed to generate sales lead of 14,500 disposable pod to resellers/retailers. Vapers were attracted with the goodies upon every purchase such as Tshirts, keychains, lanyards and a lot more! Many retailers grabbed this opportunity to restock their shop thru direct purchase in the MIVAS exhibition fair.

The crowd at Elf Bar’s booth activities were crazy. Hosted by Elton Vape News and Yeop Hashim, they managed to pull a lot of visitors to Elf Bar! Mini-games were conducted by them and the crowd was loving it! There were rap competition using the keyword Elf Bar, vocal stamina challenge, smell-and-guess the flavor profile challenge and of course, the hype during the giveaway session where everyone was chanting “Elf Bar! Elf Bar! Elf Bar!” and it echoed throughout the entire exhibition hall!

The MIVAS closing ceremony had such a big impact to Elf Bar, because they managed to grab 4 awards which is nominated and decided by vapers in Malaysia. We will mention the awards in our next article and viewers will know which category they won!

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Note: Client requested to emphasize on 3000 puff and take out the faulty %.


Congratulations to ELFBAR for winning 4 awards during MIVAS on 27/3/2022. This has launched a new benchmark for all the vape companies in Malaysia! THE MIVAS awards were nominated and voted by Malaysia vapers in the MIVAS website. Nominations were collected 1 month before and voting was completed a week before the MIVAS vape exhibition.

ELFBAR succeeded in winning the following categories!






ELFBAR 800 consisted of a lot of creamy line-up which is well accepted by Malaysian vapers. As a lot of Malaysians are big fans of creamy flavours, ELFBAR 800 puff such as Strawberry Custard, Vanilla Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake contributed to this award. Strawberry Ice Cream is one of the creamy flavors which is the best seller in the market right now! Easy to use and with the right amount of sweetness, the ELFBAR 800 Puff is a suitable starter disposable pod for anyone!

ELFBAR 800 puff consisted of 38 line-up flavors which is the following:

Banana Ice, Banana Milk Shake,Blue Razz Lemonade,Blueberry,Bobba Milk Tea,Coconut Melon,Coffee Hazelnut,Coffee Tobacco,Cool Mint,Cotton Candy Ice,Cream Tobacco,Energy Ice,Grape,Grape Energy,Juicy Peach,Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava,Latte Ice,Lychee Ice,Mango,Mango Milk Ice,Mango Peach Watermelon,Peach Ice,Peach Mango Guava,Pineapple Ice,Pink Lemonade,Sour Apple,Strawberry Banana,Strawberry Cheese,Strawberry Custard,Strawberry Grape,Strawberry Ice,Strawberry Ice Cream,Strawberry Vanilla,Taro Yam,Vanilla Bobacco,Vanilla Custard,Watermelon,Watermelon Lemon


ELFBAR BC 3000 are most fruity flavours which is rechargeable. Launched a few months ago, the ELFBAR BC 3000 has beaten a lot of other brands in capturing the biggest market share in our country. Juice Peach and Watermelon are the all-time-favourite for ELFBAR vapers. These 2 flavours are the fastest moving line-up in every shop! If you are late, you will have to wait for the shop to restock to get your favourite flavours! The grape related flavours such as Sakura Grape and Cranberry Grape are the second pick because of their unique grape flavouring. Even though both flavours are grape based, Sakura Grape has created a higher demand.

Have you check out all the ELFBAR BC 3000 flavors?

· Blue Razz Ice-

· Energy –

· Mango Peach-

· Peach Mango Watermelon-

· Kiwi Passionfruit Guava-

· Cranberry Grape-

· Red Mojito-

· Sakura Grape-

· Strwberry Kiwi-

· Strawberry Mango-

· Watermelon Ice-

· Lemon Mint-

· Stawberry Ice Cream-

· Juicy Peach –

· Grape-

· Taro Yam –

· Coffee Hazanult –

· Strawberry Grape-

· Vanilla Custard –


There is no denial that ELFBAR deserved the BEST VAPE BRAND Award because ELFBAR Is the #1 best-selling disposable in Malaysia now! Every vape retailer will have to agree on this statement as it is a requirement for every shop to have this brand inside their inventory. In fact, there were a lot of customers who left the shop when they were told that ELFBAR was sold out. As a lesson, all retailers learned the fact that ELFBAR is a requirement in their shops. Yes, the ELFBAR phenomenon is indeed very scary but as being the #1 disposable brand in Malaysia, they are really sought-after.


We assume this category would go to YG Distribution as the company which had successfully brought up the ELFBAR name in Malaysia. Located in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, YG Distribution had a long history of importing vape related products and had successfully created the demand to the vapers. We from Vape Malaysia Portal would like to congratulate Mr Niezam and Mr Brian for their success on ELFBAR brand. You guys really deserve it!

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